Want to avoid companies on the naughty list, but still enjoy fun products and experiences?

Care about the environment and animal rights too?

You can have it all!

Check out locally-sourced products and experiences that leave the world better off.

How To Be Cruelty-Free in 2020_Cover


Do you love animals? Find out how you can help stop animal testing.

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Guide 2020


Noticing how crazy the weather is getting? Let’s get eco-friendly in 2020.

Ethical Shopping Guide


Want to shop more ethically? Check out this ethical shopping guide.

The Complete Guide to Innovative Products


Looking for innovative products? Look no further.

Turn your passion into positive change.

You care about the world around you, but sometimes life gets in the way.

We’re here to help carry the torch. With tips on finding local goods and experiences that leave everyone better off.

Let’s shop evil-free in 2020!

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